My Weight Loss Journey

My weight loss journey has been a lifelong struggle as it is for most people. I have tried many many weight loss plans but nothing has worked for me as well as Keto has.

Starting out at 215 lbs.

I started this phase of my journey February 5, 2010 at 215.6 lbs. with eating pretty much anything that I wanted as long as I stayed at 1,200 calories or under. I ate pretty well except that every meal had some type of simple carb in it. I lost 56 lbs in about 8 months. I had reached the lowest weight that I could remember as an adult. But I was so hungry all of the time. So after 8 months of starving myself I decided that I would try to “maintain” my weight loss through the holidays. So I went off plan and pretty much ate whatever I wanted. Well, you know what happened next.

I pretty much gained it all back. For the next 7 years I was in a vicious cycle of binging and dieting. I had managed to keep my weight under 200 lbs during that period but I was killing my health and my body.

Down 56 lbs.!

Fast forward to December 2016. I was hanging out in a ton of Facebook weight loss groups trying to find my perfect solution. I was reading about a lot of people who were on keto. That’s something that I have never tried. So I researched what the keto diet is. At first I was like… what? Thats crazy! Nobody looses weight eating that much fat! In January 2017 my diabetic, insulin dependent husband mentioned that he had been reading a lot about keto and he wanted to try it out. So he did and he was extremely successful with it. In a matter of 6 months he had lost an undetermined amount of weight and his A1c went from 11.1 to 5.2! We’re not sure how much weight he lost because he never weighed himself. But I’m guessing it had to be at least 60-70 lbs. His belt size went from 44 to 36. He is completely off all of the diabetic medications! For my husband staying true to keto can be a matter of life or death.

So after I saw the awesome success that he had with it I was like well I guess you can lose weight eating a higher fat diet. So July 27, 2017 I decided that I had enough of the binging/dieting cycle and I started my own keto journey. I had played around with the idea of starting a You Tube channel for several months and I thought that it would be the perfect platform for me to share my journey and stay accountable at the same time.

I started at 189 lbs. In about 8 months I had lost 30 lbs and I was feeling awesome! But in April 2018 my demons came back to haunt me and I started the binge/ dieting cycle again. But this time the dieting period was always keto. I couldn’t get away from how amazing I felt when I was on plan and stayed on plan. The binge / dieting cycle is not a self control issue. Its a mental issue. That is what I am working on to get my eating habits under control.

Reset Restart Refocus Day 1

December 29, 2018 I made the conscious decision break that cycle once and for all. I started a new series called Reset, Restart, Refocus. I was 181 lbs and very discouraged that I just couldn’t get it right. I reset my mind to believe that I can do this! I am worth it! I am going to be victorious! I restarted keto to a clean strict version as best that I could possibly do with the time and money that I have available. I refocused on my health with good food and exercise. 60 days into this new series I have gained enough strength to do a plank starting at 31 seconds to 1 minute 9 seconds. I have lost 13 lbs and I am well on my way to reaching my health and fitness goals again. You see for me its not all about the weight loss, although thats a wonderful perk to this journey but its about getting my mental and physical health back. So join me on this journey as we all learn what it takes to be the best version of you that you can be! And as always keep calm and keto on!

The journey continues……